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Priorities and Council Presentations


  • Landscaping and Streetscaping
  • Pedestrian connections
  • Buffers (visual and physical) 

City Council Briefings

Aesthetics and Safety

Roadway Landscaping and Signage

Roadway Landscaping and Signage

Aesthetics around the Airport would be improved through landscaping along the roadway corridors surrounding the Airport.  Street trees located in the medians and parkway buffers between the roadway and sidewalk would not only beautify areas surrounding the Airport, but provide a needed safety buffer for residential neighborhoods and pedestrian routes.  Safety enhancements would include the parkway buffers, as well as high visibility pedestrian crossings and sidewalks.

Airport Landscaping and Fencing

Airport Landscaping and Fencing

In addition to roadway improvements, landscaping and fencing would be improved in certain areas along the Airport property boundary.  Along Airdrome Drive and Mockingbird Lane, Airport improvements would include landscaping enhancements and improved security fencing that would also be an aesthetic upgrade.  Landscaping improvements would be considered where allowable under applicable Airport safety regulations and guidelines.

  • A new fence was put in to replace the chain link fence around the airport.
  • Coordination with Texas Trees Foundation to add landscaping around the perimeter of the Airport.

Pedestrian Connections

Pedestrian Connections

In addition to aesthetic improvements to roadways, pedestrian connections were a priority during Master Plan Update alternatives development.  Pedestrian connections in areas surrounding the Airport were a chief concern among stakeholders during the public outreach events. Pedestrian connections in each of the stakeholder zones surrounding the Airport can also aid in creating a safer environment for surrounding communities.  The land uses in these areas are largely residential and commercial and these areas have the greatest need for safe, convenient passage for residents.  Concepts for creating and improving pedestrian connections include:

  • Continuous sidewalks
  • Connected recreational paths
  • High-visibility crosswalks
  • Signalized intersections
  • Sidewalk lighting
  • Roadway buffers

Pedestrian connections would be implemented to create a network of safe passages for residents and visitors that stretches from Bachman Lake recreational trails in the northern stakeholder zone, along Lemmon Avenue to Airdrome Drive, then to Mockingbird Lane, and eventually connecting with the Love Field entrance along Cedar Springs Road/Herb Kelleher Way. Along the western edge of the Airport, pedestrian connection concepts include continuous sidewalks on Denton Drive that would link Mockingbird Lane sidewalks to the south with the Bachman Lake trails to the north. The network of trails and sidewalks would allow pedestrian and recreational access from surrounding neighborhoods to Bachman Lake Park, Midway Manor Park, the Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas Love Field and Airport FBOs and businesses, as well as convenient access to the commercial areas along Lemmon Avenue and Mockingbird Lane.  To the west, pedestrian connections along Denton Drive would provide access from Mockingbird Lane and Bachman Lake to residential neighborhoods west of the Airport, as well as the DART Burbank Station for the green and orange lines and businesses along Denton Drive.

Along Lemmon Avenue, intersections were prioritized for safe pedestrian connections.  Intersections that were prioritized were Lemmon Avenue at Shorecrest Drive, Lemmon Avenue at Lovers Lane, and Lemmon Avenue at University Boulevard.  Improvements for these intersections were suggested to increase pedestrian safety and connect with surrounding pedestrian routes.  The conceptual improvements include a recreational path that would connect with existing Bachman Lake recreational trails, travel southeast along the northeastern side of Lemmon Avenue to Lovers Lane, where the path would cross Lemmon Avenue and connect with a recreational path and sidewalk that would extend around the Airport to the Airport entrance at Mockingbird Lane and Cedar Springs Road/Herb Kelleher Way.


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