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The safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our number-one priority. For everyone’s safety, DAL is working nonstop to update our policies, procedures and made several proactive enhancements to our facility and our cleaning procedures to ensure a clean, safe and healthy airport journey. 

Our Commitments to Love


All employees, travelers and visitors to Dallas Love Field must wear masks or face coverings while in the terminal by order of Dallas County and the State of Texas. Travelers may remove their mask while eating or drinking, or at request of an official.

Masks are available free of charge at our main information booth prior to the TSA checkpoint. They are also available for purchase at the vending machine across from the TSA checkpoint and in various shops in the concourse.


LoveReady-socialdots1-(1)ADJUSTING YOUR JOURNEY

We’ve made several changes to the customer journey with social distancing in mind. It all starts with respecting the dot.

Dots on the floor are spaced six feet apart at the TSA checkpoint and other areas within the terminal. We ask that members of separate traveling parties respect the space of others.

Certain aspects of the Love Field experience are operating on limited hours or remain closed. For more information, you can always contact our Airport Operations Center here.



From the onset of the pandemic, DAL custodial teams have employed enhanced cleaning and disinfecting areas. High-touch areas such as the food court and hand railings are continually disinfected. The terminal gets a thorough deep clean each night after the day’s last flights.


LoveReady-socialdots1RESPECT THE DOT!

When you respect the dot, you respect your fellow travelers. We ask that passengers not encroach on others outside of their traveling party and adhere to the social distancing markers on the floor.



We’ve placed complimentary hand sanitizer stations in high-traffic areas throughout the terminal. These sanitizers are touchless. If you find one that is empty, please let a member of our team know. TSA is allowing passengers to carry on hand sanitizer larger than the 3.4 limit for other liquid items.



It is impossible to eliminate all customer face-to-face interactions and we would not want to even if we could. To keep that personal touch available to you, albeit in a safe manner, we’ve installed plexiglass barriers at our information booths, ticket and gate counters, as well as concessions.

What to Expect at DAL


Parking Garage C and valet are closed. All customers parking at the airport must do so in Garages A&B.

Cash is still accepted in the pay lines for the time being, but customers are encouraged to pay by card or via their TollTag.



Certain concessions are operating on limited hours. However, when passengers are in the terminal, food and beverages will be available. Eating and drinking are the only times a passenger should remove his or her mask.

What You Can Do 

Let us know how we’re doing! If you feel uncomfortable in your journey, we want to know about it so that we can fix it. Stop by one of our information booths, submit through our website here or call the 24/7 Airport Operations Center at 214-670-5683.