Airport Badging

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Airport Security Badging Office

7555 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 139
Dallas, Texas 75209


The Badging Process

In accordance with federal regulations, Dallas Love Field airport-issued identification media are necessary for un-escorted access into any airport security area. Identification media are only issued to individuals having a valid need to access sensitive airport areas as designated by an authorized signatory. Before issuing the airport ID, information is collected from the applicant to be kept on file and used for background checks including a security threat assessment conducted by the TSA. Certain levels of access also require fingerprint-based criminal history record checks that are submitted to the FBI seeking only for specific disqualifying crimes. Appropriate security awareness training is also a pre-requisite for obtaining an airport-issued badge.

Airport-issued identification media is a critical layer to airport security. Individuals can be quickly identified as having proper authorization to be present in a particular area by his or her badge. For this reason, your badge must always be displayed, waist-level or above, on your outermost garment while inside any airport security area.