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Art Program

The Love Field Public Art Program promotes themes related to the history and legacy of Love Field Airport. The artwork represents the outstanding contributions of artists from Dallas and beyond, enriching the experience of airport visitors and showcasing new additions to the City of Dallas Public Art Collection. With a dedication to cultivating local talent, nearly half of the artwork in the Love Field Collection was created by artists who live and work in Dallas.SpiritofFlight_Squar

Dallas Love Field has showcased public artwork since the 1950s. Focused on the work of notable Texas artists, the three works at the airport prior to the Love Field Modernization Program—the World Map, the Love Field Entrance Sign and Spirit of Flight—remain accessible to all visitors to Love Field. Many of these works are familiar to visitors at Love Field and although some of them have been relocated they remain in prominent locations and serve as poignant reminders of Love Field’s recent past.


Permanent Collection

The artwork positions the new terminal as a gateway to the City of Dallas, while showcasing the modernist architectural design that celebrates the historical origins of the airport terminal in the 1950’s. Commissioned specifically for the airport, these works by artists from Dallas and beyond enrich the experience of the airport for travelers and proclaim the cultural vibrancy of Dallas for everyone to see.

Exhibition Program

The primary focus is to present a variety of collections representing diversity in visual art and culture to the traveling public. Educational institutions, arts organizations, museums, and cultural institutions exhibit their collections, artifacts and original artwork with the principal focus on education.

Performing Arts Program

The primary focus is to present diverse performance art and culture for the traveling public and Dallas Love Field employees. Educational and cultural institutions, organizations, as well as local artists will showcase their music, theater, and dance with highlights from Office of Cultural Affairs Community Arts Program and The Texas Music Project. Both provide key roles in the education field and are non-profit organizations that provide to the local surrounding communities.