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Rotating Exhibitions


 Art Travelers Exhibition Vision

The primary focus of the Art’s Travelers Exhibition Program is to present collections that promote diversity in visual art and provide access to culture to the traveling public. Educational institutions, arts organizations, museums, and cultural institutions will be afforded opportunities to exhibit their collections, artifacts and original artwork at Dallas Love Field.


Current Exhibitions


“Need Your Space?”  

Frontiers of Flight Museum – “Need Your Space?” 

July 31, 2020- September 30, 2020 



spaceexhibit1  spaceexhibit



“Need Your Space?” is a temporary display of space-themed artifacts from the collection of the Frontiers of Flight Museum. The exhibit pairs several items that were currently on display in the Museum’s Space Flight Gallery with items that were held in storage. Dan Steelman, Frontiers of Flight Museum Vice President of Collections and Exhibits, indicated that the exhibit is indicative of the rich diversity of space-related artifacts at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. “We’re an air and space museum. Many people are aware of the incredible, one-of-a-kind artifacts from our aviation collections, things like the “Flying Pancake” or the radio operator’s chair from the dirigible “Hindenburg”; but, we have one of the finest collections of space artifacts in Texas, too.” The Space Flight Gallery features artifacts from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Programs. It includes the Apollo 7 Command Module, the only Moon Rock on display in North Texas, as well as Space Shuttle and International Space Station artifacts. The gallery also documents the recent efforts toward privatization of space flight through our Beal Aerospace and SpaceShipOne displays.  


This temporary display includes a flight suit that belonged to Astronaut Ed White. White flew in Gemini 4 and became the first American to walk in space. The displayed painting depicts the historic moment when he floated outside the Gemini 4 capsule. Later, White was selected to the Apollo 1 crew. Tragically, he and his crewmates were killed when a spark from a frayed wire set fire to the oxygen-rich environment inside their Apollo 1 Command Module. Also on display is a prototype Apollo spacesuit designed to be worn by astronauts on the Moon. The suit was a finalist in a 1965 NASA competition. It did not win, instead NASA selected the iconic A7L suit that all Americans wore on future lunar exploration missions. A model of the Saturn V rocket that carried astronauts to the Moon shares the display case with the spacesuit.  


For More information visit the Frontiers of Flight Museum here




2020 DART Student Art Contest
“Paint the town...”

June 2020- August 2020



Each year, DART hosts a Student Art Contest that is open to students at all grade levels throughout North Texas. It has grown to be one of the agency’s most popular Education Outreach events. This year, more than 150 schools and organizations submitted nearly 1,200 entries.


Students are challenged to illustrate an annual theme through lines, color and composition. Each young artist found his or her own way to illustrate this year’s theme: “Paint the town­­­­_____. Ride DART.” Participants completed the phrase with anything they could imagine. The students’ creations not only tell the DART story, but their own unique stories, and the story of a vibrant global metropolis that’s bursting with talent.


The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) has partnered with DART for the past eight years, and has displayed the winning entries. This year, we proudly present them virtually. Join DART and the DMA in celebrating the talent of our region’s young, culturally diverse artists.


For more information about the annual DART Student Art Contest please visit DART.ORG

Past Exhibitions